GATHER with Minerva's Books & Ideas

Booksellers & Storytellers Part Two

December 03, 2020 Amy Tsilemanis Season 1 Episode 1
GATHER with Minerva's Books & Ideas
Booksellers & Storytellers Part Two
Show Notes

Here we check in with Readings Books in Melbourne and look to 20th and 21st century booksellers in Ballarat exploring Ewin’s Booksellers and the newest bookshop in town, Sothis Books and Sartorial for our regular indie book feature. We also enjoy our very first creative piece for the segment Things Found in Books from Ballarat storyteller extraordinaire Erin McCuskey. Our book seeds here are somewhat tangential but are the little teeny stickers of sorts that you might find in the inner front cover of an old book- known as booksellers tickets or labels.

Podcast set up and first episode is proudly supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, provided through Regional Arts Australia, and administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.

Guests featured: 


Chris Gordon, Readings Books events coordinator-


Rex Hardware and H-Squared Studios-

Check out one of his current archiving projects-


Erin McCuskey aka Madame Yum of Yum Studio, artist, writer and filmmaker-


Alex Zety, of the former Pot of Gold Books and Collectibles


Christine Crawshaw, Sothis Books & Sartorial-


Music featured:


Ellen Sorensen- Minerva’s Idea original composition for Gather-


Carlo Onzo Trio Live Recording by Rex Hardware at the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute February 2020-12-01


Adam Simmons Creative Music Ensemble Prologue-


Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio       


Podcast logo: Tiffany Titshall


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