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Songlines, Myth & Fairytales

March 31, 2021 Amy Tsilemanis Season 1 Episode 3
GATHER with Minerva's Books & Ideas
Songlines, Myth & Fairytales
Show Notes

In this episode we look at how different kinds of sound and storytelling can transmit knowledge and emotions, and also how we can raise new voices, change narratives, and maybe even change the world. This episode is dedicated to all fighting for respect, peace and justice. 

We hear from Indigenous curator and author Margo Neale about Songlines (also known as dreaming tracks) via the exhibition and the book, and the concept of the third archive; bringing together Indigenous and Western knowledge systems and practices. We honour things not found in books and feature the soundscape Place-we-be created by musician and educator Deb Clark Lowah, for Ballarat’s 2021 Survival day Dawn Service, and hear from artist and writer Sarah Hart on the power of reimagined fairy tales from a feminist perspective.

Our indie book feature is with Redrock Books & Gallery in Horsham Victoria

Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced on traditional Wadawurrung land.

Book seeds:

Margo Neale & Lynne Kelly. Songlines: The Power and Promise. Published 2020 by Thames & Hudson Australia (Book One in the First Knowledges series edited by Margo Neale aimed to “give readers an in-depth understanding of Indigenous expertise in six areas: Songlines;  architecture; engineering and design; land management and future farms; healing, medicine and plants; astronomy; and innovation and technology.

Guests featured:

Margo Neale, Senior Research Fellow, Senior Curator and Principal Indigenous Advisor to the Director at the National Museum of Australia.

 Lynne Kelly, Writer and researcher

 Deb Clark Lowah, Ballarat musician and educator

Place-we-be soundscape created by deborahN with Dave Clark, Sarah Jane Hall, Bonnie Chew and Tony Lovett. With guidance and sharing of knowledge from Wadawurrung leaders Tammy Gilson and Bonnie Chew.

 Sarah Hart, Ballarat artist and writer

Indie book feature:
Redrock Books & Gallery in Horsham Victoria

Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio   

Minerva's Idea   by Ellen Sorensen

Podcast logo and episode design: Tiffany Titshall


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