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Fairy Tales Continued

June 05, 2021 Amy Tsilemanis Season 1 Episode 3
GATHER with Minerva's Books & Ideas
Fairy Tales Continued
Show Notes

In Part 2 of this episode enjoy chats, tunes, and tales as we explore the Fairy Park, artworks and PhD projects that work with fairy tales, and our kids writing competition themed Change the Story, Change the World, remixing fairy tales. Wander themes of magic and transformation, women’s agency, self-understanding, greater diversity of representation and the rich world of storytelling. Featuring the music of Tom McGowan (Button Jar Canyon) and a specially created song by Tom and daughter Freya.
Huge thanks to all involved in this episode, produced in Ballarat on traditional Wadawurrung land.
 Book seeds:

The Bee and the Orange Tree by Melissa Ashley published 2019 by Affirm Press

There Was Once, the Collected Fairy Tales by Deborak Klein, published 2009 by Moth Woman Press

Guests featured:

Lucy Taylor- my 6 year old guide at the Fairy Park

Ellen Sorensen, Ballarat artist and musician

Sarah Hart, Ballarat artist and writer

Sound engineering: Dave Byrne, Iridium Audio   

Podcast logo and episode design: Tiffany Titshall